Good Things About Anxiety

Did you ever wondered that there are bad things that can have a positive effect? It is hard to believe right, but this is a fact. Let us say that you had a fever and you got recovered but at the end of the day you know that eating ice cream in a cold weather can make you sick and that is how a bad thing can give you a good thing in the form of a lesson. You must have heard about anxiety, you must have heard it a lot on social medias now a days which is a good thing but they only tell the bad stuff about it and since there is always a positive thing in the smallest of things, you will be shocked to know that there is something good about having anxiety as well. The good part is that you get to have counseling in Dubai and get depression treatment in Dubai and other than this and some people might get angry because it has no benefits but we will tell the good stuff and you will happy by the end of the post, there are different benefit as well;

  1. The benefit is that you are constantly worried about things, you must be wondering that what good is in that. well think of an office guy who is always flirting around with ladies and has no timing of coming to office and has no manners at all. While you on the other hand make it sure that you are on time and no gets hurt by your words and that is why you get appreciated even though people know that you have some worries and tensions. They will say that you are the nicest person in the office that knows its responsibilities and that know how to treat everyone with care
  2. Then you are always going towards perfection, there are many of us who don’t bother how to dress up and how to talk to people or even eat, since you are in constant worry about how people will think about you, you then make sure that they don’t get a chance, which is a good thing and that also very few people have and makes you go beyond limitation to work and maintain yourself.

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