Dubai nightlife is full of surprises, especially for partygoers who are looking for a different kind of fun. But if you love food and dancing, it is a must for you to visit these night clubs and satisfy your cravings for good food and a good spin on the dance floor:

  1. Asia De Cuba


This night club is popular amongst the Abu Dhabi crowd. This place boast of amazing Chino-Latino food that would satisfy your taste buds. After a sumptuous meal, you can burn that extra calories on the dance floor. Apart from the amazing dancing and food, you can also enjoy the cool and plush interior of the place should you need a room to relax and feel the opulence.


  1. Okku


If you are into Japanese food, then this is the perfect place to visit. Okku is a very popular Japanese joint that serves food in a party-like setting. The dishes this restaurant serve is a mixture of traditional and modern Japanese delicacies that can excite the taste of diners who are looking for an interesting taste on their menu. But aside from the Japanese food fusion, this place is known for its OKKU L.O.V.E., a popular party scene that is usually scheduled on Fridays and Sundays.


  1. Play


If you are looking for a place where you can have a very cozy dinner with friends and have fun later, then this place is a good place to go. Once you are done with your dinner, you can proceed to the lounge and dance your heart out. The house DJ will serve you with some eclectic beats that would surely encourage you to dance the night away. This is perfect for group hang-outs, especially for a ladies’ night out.


  1. Mahiki


If you are looking for a taste of Polynesian culture while you are in Dubai, then Mahiki is a must-visit for you. This club is known to serve the most delicious and amazing bites, especially the sliders and the salmon. But apart from the food, this place offer some fun dancing activities like the Le Beat Tropique Night. The first 50 ladies to come will get some special treat and it is on the house!


  1. Billionaire’s Mansion


This night club offer tons of things to the guest, five to be exact. Social butterflies often go to this place because there are a lot of activities they can try. They can satisfy their taste buds with Japanese delicacies and Italian grill and also dance the night away on a nightclub that is just a room away from these restaurants.


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